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UKCP registered Psychotherapist, M.A. Gestalt Psychotherapy, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. RMN

Relationship Counselling

I frequently work with clients who come with relationship difficulties. The most obvious are difficulties between a couple, be that a marriage, or a relationship between same sex or opposite sex partners. However many people also face difficulties in their relationships with ageing parents, adolescents, siblings, friends and colleagues.

Difficulties experienced in one relationship may be replicated in others. For example, we may have difficulty with an authority figure at work which may replay an earlier struggle that we have or had with a parent or siblings.

I work in different ways with individual members of a couple believing that working through their issues can positively effect all their relationships. Often a couple will seek relationship counselling / therapy to explore or to enhance their communication and this may be all that is required to set the relationship on a new path. However, sometimes in couples therapy, one or both of the couple recognise that there is individual work needed to resolve past unfinished issues with someone else outside of the couple's relationship which are being replayed between the couple. If these issues can be worked through then it may then be possible for the couple to see each other more clearly and for the relationship to repair and move forward.

At present I am only offering individual psychotherapy and counselling and as described this can be very helpful to the couple's relationship.

The therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist is an extremely useful resource to both the client and therapist. It allows us together to explore how we relate and may mirror the difficulties which you as the client may be experiencing in other relationships in your life. I endeavour to provide the opportunity to explore these difficulties with support and using my expertise to raise awareness and support change both in the therapy room and out into the rest of your life.

I frequently work with individuals to explore events and issues which stand in the way of them relating in more rewarding and fulfilling ways with their partners/friends/relatives/colleagues.

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