What is trauma?

Trauma describes events that destabilise us emotionally and psychologically and from which we don't easily bounce back. Trauma can result from a great many events such as a burglary, accident, abuse, attack or loss. Though the actual trauma may have happened long ago our mind and body can remain in a state of suspended shock and we might continue to behave is if the trauma is ongoing.

Trauma is often at the root of ruminations, intrusive thoughts, fears, phobias, some depression, anxiety and more serious mental health disorders.

Research on trauma sometimes stresses the importance of creating a narrative or account of events. This provides continuity and helps us make sense of the order of events so that we can mentally process the trauma and store it away where it will cease to have such dramatic consequences on our everyday life.

This is a simplified summary of the complex processes that are involved in overcoming trauma.

How I work with trauma.

As a Gestalt Counsellor and Psychotherapist I work in a range of ways to support the person to safely make sense of their troubling symptoms. It is very important that the process of therapy does not re-traumatise the client.

My goal is to enable the client to safely process the trauma so that it can be stored away and though remembered, is no longer overwhelming in its impact.
psychological trauma