What is personal development?

Whilst you may be functioning reasonably well in everyday life you might at the same time be aware of areas of your life and issues which cause discomfort, dissatisfaction or distress. These may include aspects of your personality which you wish to understand more and to change. This is where therapy for personal growth and development can be useful.

In many occupations we are required to work alongside others in cooperative and collaborative ways as members of a team for example. Professional development can sometimes be hampered by unresolved conflicts and 'unfinished business'. For example, personal difficulties can interfere with a manager's objectivity and ability to effectively manage others.

My experience of working with people in a range of manual, professional and business contexts, demonstrates that therapy for personal growth and development can yield surprising results when underlying conflicts are explored, understood and resolved.

Personal development for therapists and therapy trainees.

In addition I also regularly work with therapists, trainee therapists and counsellors whose training requires personal therapy in order that their own conflicts and 'unfinished business' do not obscure their perception of their client.
Personal development