Psychotherapy and Counselling for Anger Management

is a blanket feeling which often hides more vulnerable feelings such as fear, sadness and jealousy. Anger can be a positive emotion if regulated and expressing a clear need. However, anger is often thought of and experienced as a negative emotion. In contrast to rage, anger can have a clear target whereas rage is more generalised and can quickly spiral out of control leading to violence with major consequences.

How can
Gestalt Psychotherapy help with anger management?
In working with anger and rage I believe that it is important to first discover the underlying need, request or hope. This may have its roots in past events or early life experience. It can be a desperate plea for support and understanding or an expression of fear, jealousy or sadness. However, to express these feelings openly the person might fear being shamed or rejected. So it can seem safer to continue to be angry rather than risk feeling vulnerable.

The therapeutic relationship offers a safe confidential space in which to explore the roots of anger and gain new awareness. Though this awareness can help, alone it rarely brings lasting change. Lasting change comes from having the support to firstly understand the underlying need and then find safe and effective ways to express it.

Anger management techniques can be learnt and experimented with in psychotherapy. These can be a useful resource to take forward into all areas of your life.

anger management counselling